Sunday Style

To date I have been making my scarves by hand. There’s nothing like getting stuck in to paint dyes and fabric, I love the process of creating the perfect silk scarf. But for my latest designs I took to using a digital medium and the results have been amazing, I am so happy with my new collection I couldn’t decide which scarf to wear first…!! The new collection screams Clara Silks which is exactly what I had hoped to achieve. The soft and subtle silk, the casual flow of the fabric as you are wearing it, the striking colour pop, and the contrast of light and dark in each piece.

My scarves are stunning worn with a monochrome look and if you are feeling brave they will be stunning mix matched with different colours. They will bring an elegance to a work look and finish off an evening outfit. They are also fabulous worn over a bikini and shorts on a beach day with a big pair of shades. They really are an all-round accessory.

So Yesterday after long deliberation I chose my Black and Turquoise Cherry Blossom Square Silk Scarf worn over a white off the shoulder top, black skinny trousers, black flats and big shades perfect for Sunday family lunch 🙂

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